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Sharky's Shuttle

Sharky’s Café and the Pier are proud to announce the Sharky’s Shuttle Service!  We’ll pick you up and bring you to the restaurant then take you home afterwards.*  No more worries about who will be the designated driver on your night out.  We’ve got it covered! 

Shuttle is available Thursday through Sunday from 4:30pm to 1:30 am.  Shuttle will run approximately every half hour. 

Reservations necessary for a pickup schedule and highly recommended for departure from Sharky’s. 

Please call Sharky’s Safety Shuttle at 724-331-8738 or email for reservations. 

Limited to a 5 mile radius of Sharky’s Café. 

The Sharky’s Shuttle is a free service.  Tipping is highly encouraged; driver is responsible for van’s daily maintenance.  Suggested tip $7.50 per person

There is a $5 cancellation fee applied without adequate notice.


*Sharky’s Café reserves the right to refuse shuttle service to any individual hindering the safe and comfortable transport of passengers and/or driver. You can be asked to leave the Safety Shuttle at any time.

-Riding the Safety Shuttle does NOT guarantee you service at the bar. You will still be shut off if you are a visibly intoxicated person in adherence to LCB law.

-You must be 21 or older to reserve the Shuttle.


For more information or to make a reservation please fill out the form below.

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