All Sharky's Customers

Due to circumstances beyond our control Sharky's is being forced to raise our wing prices to match the current market price. While we are trying to absorb as much of the cost as possible to not pass the price onto you, we have reaching a tipping point where action must be taken. Prices have nearly doubled over the past few months due to weather/climate issues such as Hurricane Harvey and other outside sources. These prices may continue to fluctuate in the near future. The current prices are $11.49 per order of 10 wings and 65 cents per wing on wing night. We hope you can understand this unfortunate and unstable situation. Thank You.

Football season is here!


Football season is finally here! Never miss a game here at Sharky's; with over 25 TVs, and the NFL Sunday Ticket package. You're never too far away from the gridiron...and as always, we're excited for this year's Steeler season! Come catch the games on our jumbo projection screen. Enjoy gameday shots, Sunday Steelers buffet, drink specials, and more!


A minimum of $15.00 is required for deliveries. A $5.00 delivery fee is applied to all deliveries.

Sharky's and team trivia!